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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Jackson can't deny it, I'm afraid it is so
By Larry Schwartz
Special to

Sept. 29, 1920

Yesterday, a Cook County (Illinois) grand jury voted indictments against eight members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox after pitcher Eddie Cicotte and outfielder "Shoeless" Joe Jackson told how the 1919 World Series was fixed for the Cincinnati Reds to win.

Today's Chicago Herald and Examiner reports that after Jackson left the courthouse, "one little urchin in the crowd grabbed him by the coat sleeve.

" 'It ain't true, is it?' he said.

" 'Yes, kid, I'm afraid it is,' Jackson replied.

" 'Well, I'd never have thought it,' the boy exclaimed."

Passed down over the years, it is from this newspaper story that we get the famous tale - one that many think is apocryphal - of a young boy saying, "Say it ain't so, Joe."

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