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Stengel made baseball fun

Casey's corner

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Quotes about Casey Stengel

Quotes about Stengel

"I never saw a man who juggled his lineup so much and who played so many hunches so successfully."--Connie Mack

"One time in spring training, we had the hit-and-run on, and Carl Erskine threw me a curve and I struck out into a double play. I came back to the bench and Casey said, 'next time, tra-la-la.' I didn't know what tra-la-la meant, but next time up, I hit a line drive, right into a double play. When I sat down, Casey came over and said, 'Like I told you, tra-la-la.'"--Whitey Herzog

"He can talk all day and all night, on any kind of track wet or dry." -- John Lardner

"I'll never forget September 6, 1950. I got a letter threatening me, Hank Bauer, Yogi Berra and Johnny Mize. It said if I showed up in uniform against the Red Sox I'd be shot. I turned the letter over to the FBI, and told my manager Casey Stengel about it. You know what Casey did? He gave me a different uniform and gave mine to Billy Martin. Can you imagine that? Guess Casey thought it'd be better if Billy got shot." --Phil Rizzuto

"They voted Casey the greatest living manager. That's a lot of bull--a joke.
The only thing a manager has to do is relate to the players. Who did Casey ever relate to? Nobobdy but himself."
--Jackie Robinson

"I'm probably the only guy who worked for Stengel before and after he was a genius."--Warren Spahn on pitching for Stengel for the Braves and Mets, but not the Yankees

"If I owned Casey Stengel's oil wells, I wouldn't finish my sentences either." -- Birdie Tebbetts

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