LeBron: 'I wasn't coming out' (1:17)
LeBron drops 46 points in 46 minutes (1:40)
LeBron comes up big in Game 7s (0:56)
LeBron carries Cleveland to Game 7 (1:10)
LeBron's 2018 Game 6 déjà vu to 2012 performance (0:38)
Stephen A. wants to see Celtics in Finals (2:24)
LeBron appreciates reporter acknowledging his clutch gene (2:21)
LeBron calls Game 7: 'Just basketball' (0:47)
LeBron's son mesmerized by his performance in Game 6 (0:17)
Hill 'for sure' finding a Chipotle in Boston (0:31)
Lue on LeBron: 'Greatness. Championship pedigree' (1:28)
Hill says LeBron's play is 'remarkable' (0:40)
LeBron shines with his back against the wall (1:38)
Burke: LeBron's greatness continues to leave us in awe (1:35)
LeBron puts Cavs on his back to force Game 7 (2:24)
LeBron: 'It feels good' to get to play another game (2:25)
LeBron muscles for and-1 over Brown (0:30)
LeBron drills two step-back 3s over Tatum late (1:02)