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How one-loss teams stack up in College Football Playoff race

Louisville and Lamar Jackson might look playoff worthy, but the Cards will need some help. Ohio State, on the other hand, likely just needs to run the table to make the top four.

Ohio State down but not out of CFP (0:42)
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UVa confirms police probe into alleged hazing

A spokesman for Virginia confirmed there is an active police investigation into the hazing and harassment allegations made by former football player Aidan Howard in his recently filed lawsuit.

Lamar Jackson still dominating Heismanology poll (2:03)
Fournette looks at Alabama matchup (2:12)
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What is wrong with UCLA?

UCLA might have the most-talented roster in the Pac-12 but the Bruins are in danger of missing a bowl for the first time since 2010. What gives?

Ohio State upset shakes up AP's top 10 (0:59)
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The CFP trickle-down effect of Ohio State's loss

After Penn State let chaos in the door with its win over OSU, Louisville is back in the playoff mix, West Virginia is no joke and Washington State -- Wazzu! -- could have a major playoff impact.

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Bowl projections heading into Week 9

Our experts expect to see the same four teams in the College Football Playoff semifinals, though there is a difference of opinion on which ones will make the championship game.

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HBCU Week 8 wrap: N.C. A&T romps; D leads S.C. State

Tarik Cohen reached 5,000 career yards and has his fourth consecutive 1,000-yard season for North Carolina A&T, while Darius Leonard led a suffocating defensive effort by South Carolina State.

A shake-up in the top three highlights of Week 8 (1:59)
Fournette makes a record-breaking statement in his return (0:59)


Brian Bennett ESPN Staff Writer 

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald signs off on the Big Ten coaches call by saying, "Go Cubs! Go 'Cats!" Fitzgerald has been known as a rabid White Sox fan but is cheering on Chicago's other team in the World Series.

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Is Clemson as strong of a team as many predicted preseason? The Tigers are undefeated but have survived several close calls. Florida State's Dalvin Cook said those close wins remind him of the Seminoles' 2014 season. They received every opponent's best shot each week.


Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

Washington State receiver Gabe Marks provided a thoughtful response when asked why there are fewer college football players involved in the protest movement started by Colin Kaepernick. "College football players are more, if you could believe it, they're more of a number than NFL players are even. You know what I mean?" Marks said. "The NCAA and schools kind of like can monitor everything that college athletes do. Twitter and stuff like that. It would be kind of scary if you are a college athlete and you tried to take a stand and then the athletic director or something like that, or your coach comes and says, ‘Hey, what are you doing? That's super un-American,' or something like that. "You'd probably be scared of the consequences that could be enforced on you at that point and a lot of guys in college and in the NFL don't really want to get into the trouble of it, you know what I mean? Because it's a pretty big stance you take and there's a lot of backlash that comes with that. Kids don't want people hating them, let's be honest. A grown man has more of a ability to be just like ‘Whatever, I believe what I believe in.'"

Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

Washington State has been using RB Jamal Morrow for the coin toss for about two and a half years, but does not name traditional captains. Here's Mike Leach explaining the process that led to the selection of Morrow for this role: "He's gotta be smart enough to call either heads or tails, that's it. So I thought about should I get the biggest guy on the team or the littlest guy on the team? And then I thought, well, Jamal Morrow was on The Price is Right and was fairly lucky and went to the final round and almost won the sucker. And was closest to the price, but was over by like three dollars. The other person was under by like sixty dollars, but since he's over he loses. "So I figured, well, Jamal Morrow is a lucky guy plus he's got pretty good energy to him and stuff like that. So why not Jamal Morrow? So Jamal Morrow goes out and did have an amazing knack for winning the toss. Wins it almost all the time. I mean literally. I'm serious about that. I don't know what his record is, but it's something incredible."

Jared Shanker ESPN Staff Writer 

At the end of Dalvin Cook's media session, DeMarcus Walker forcefully plopped in a chair he pulled up behind Cook. The Power 5 running back with the second-most rushing yards was asked about the play of Walker, who has the second-most sacks nationally. After it was all done, Walker said it's been concluded Cook, after several chances, is too scared to block Walker.


Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

Washington State coach Mike Leach has weighed in on who he will be cheering for in the World Series (the Indians) and why (Cubs fans bother him). Summed up, Leach thinks there are too many Cubs and doesn't like when the team is referred to as "My Cubbies." "Every yuppie with a BMW or with some special attachment to his computer or some designer set of jeans or something like that is a Cubs fans and refers to them as ‘My Cubbies,'" Leach said. "And I think there are too many out-of-the-woodwork people that like them that like them because they like the uniforms. Don't know the first thing about baseball. Probably have never even attended a Cubs games."

David Lombardi ESPN Staff Writer 

Utah's opponents average 3rd down and 8.3 yards to go. Only Michigan, Miami, and Alabama have put offenses in a tougher position than the Utes have, according to ESPN Stats and Info.

David Lombardi ESPN Staff Writer 

Washington has more sacks than any other team in the nation (96) when sending 4 or fewer pass rushers since Chris Petersen took over in 2014, five more than Alabama (91), according to ESPN Stats and Info.

David Lombardi ESPN Staff Writer 

How good is Washington's offense? Myles Gaskin leads Pac-12 in rushing, backup RB Lavon Coleman is leading the nation at 8.5 yards per carry (min 50 attempts), a nation-best 10 receivers have caught a TD, and QB Jake Browning's rating is over 30 points higher than second place in the Pac-12.

David Lombardi ESPN Staff Writer 

QB Jake Browning and Washington is scoring a TD on 15 percent snaps out of the shotgun -- best in the nation, according to ESPN Stats and Info.

Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

UCLA coach Jim Mora acknowledged that quarterback Josh Rosen is dealing with a shoulder injury and he is waiting for "the nerve to start firing again and once it starts firing again, [Rosen] should be fine." He also explained that the reality in football is that teams will target injured players, which is why he does not like to disclose injury information.


Jared Shanker ESPN Staff Writer 

Dalvin Cook on the Florida State-Clemson rivalry: "This game has the best players in the country."

Matt Fortuna ESPN Staff Writer 

Syracuse has reprimanded football operations director Brad Wittke for unsportsmanlike behavior after he made contact with BC's William Harris on the sidelines following an interception: "I hold all members of our athletics program to highest standard of conduct, and support the Atlantic Coast Conference's commitment to sportsmanship," AD John Wildhack said. "I've spoken with Brad and he fully understands that his actions were not appropriate." "I apologize to William Harris, Coach Addazio and the entire Boston College football team for my actions Saturday," Wittke said. "While trying to prevent the situation from becoming worse I made contact with William, causing him to fall to the ground. I take responsibility for that and regret that it happened."

Jared Shanker ESPN Staff Writer 

There's no longer any margin for error, Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi feels. At 2-1 in the ACC with a loss to North Carolina, Narduzzi said Thursday's home tilt against Virginia Tech is a must-win game. "I think every ACC game is a must win as we go on," he added. Undefeated Clemson also looms on Pitt's November schedule.

Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

There is no update on a timetable for UCLA QB Josh Rosen's return. Coach Jim Mora said he is dealing with a nerve issue in his right shoulder. He has missed the past two games since being injured against Arizona State.

Jared Shanker ESPN Staff Writer 

Christian Wilkins is a defensive tackle that can play defensive end for Clemson, and Jimbo Fisher knows how rare that it is for a bigger body to move outside. Mario Edwards and Marcus Spears did it on two of Fisher's teams, but "not many guys are athletic enough to do it, and [Wilkins] does a really good job. Big body, strong, great quickness. I've been around a few of them who do it but they're very hard to find."

David Lombardi ESPN Staff Writer 

Oregon ranks no. 126 nationally in scoring defense. Stanford ranks no. 126 nationally in scoring offense. There are 128 total teams. There's some impressive symmetry in the fall of the Pac-12's two former kings.