Stick heaves 78-yard TD to lengthen lead (0:30)
Stick ices championship on 46-yard TD run (0:28)
Eastern Washington RB escapes for 75-yard score (0:50)
Stick throws dime over 3 defenders for TD (0:35)
Eastern Washington scores TD on fake field goal (0:44)
QB Stick punches in 2nd TD on ground (0:14)
Bison QB takes it himself for score (0:26)
Bison breaks tackles for 50-yard gain (0:38)
Stick's 3rd rushing TD shuts the door on SDSU (0:22)
Christion launches a 52-yard TD to Johnson (0:54)
Anderson turns on the jets for a 41-yard TD (0:28)
Anderson hauls in 14-yard TD (0:22)
Christion throws laser to Kunz for 8-yard TD (0:15)
Wilson's 78-yard run sets up 1-yard TD (1:01)
Stick erupts and powers in a 34-yard TD (0:42)
Strong runs it to the house (0:44)
Stick runs in 5-yard TD (0:22)
Colgate intercepted in end zone (0:38)
Anderson finds a block, takes it to the house for NDSU TD (0:26)