Stick heaves 78-yard TD to lengthen lead (0:30)
Colgate intercepted in end zone (0:38)
Anderson finds a block, takes it to the house for NDSU TD (0:26)
Shepherd makes diving one-handed grab for TD (0:24)
NDSU amazing diving catch ruled incomplete (0:34)
NDSU RB Brooks barrels way to 26-yd TD (0:24)
NDSU RB follows blockers and scores TD (0:37)
Daniel leapfrogs in snow for TD (0:48)
Hill frolics in snowy end zone on South Dakota State TD (0:33)
South Dakota State QB flings 43-yard TD (0:35)
Iowa RB tip-toes down sideline for 15-yard TD (0:30)
Iowa fans, players wave to Children's Hospital in heart-warming tradition (1:16)
Sargent reaches end zone for 2nd time (0:24)
Ole Miss defeats Southern Illinois 76-41 (2:44)
Illinois returns block punt for TD (0:39)
Maiden speeds down field for 1st career TD (0:38)
McKoy drives in an 8-yard TD (0:27)
Mountaineers RB Brown scores 1st career rushing TD (0:28)