Orange County

Jason White
Jason White and OU are focused on the Orange Bowl.

Oklahoma wants to be in Miami in January. So does LSU. USC wouldn't mind the trip either. It's not just the sun, surf and South Beach. The Orange Bowl is hosting the national title game. Although correct predictions won't win them a prize, ESPN's experts decided to offer an opinion on the matchup in Miami and the conference winners.
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    Monday, Aug. 9
    The State of the Game
    In this time of change, college football tells its constituents that this is the start of a new era in college football.

    ESPN Experts: Three things I would change.
    Chat wrap: Kirk Herbstreit

    Tuesday, Aug. 10
    Follow The Leader
    From NC State to Ole Miss, programs face the problem of replacing not only great players, but great leaders as well.

    Curry: Creating a great QB
    Chat wrap: Trev Alberts

    Wednesday, Aug. 11
    The Bottom Line
    It's the case for every title contender in the country -- there's no substitute for experience on the offensive line.

    Thursday, Aug. 12
    Back, Back, Back ... Gone
    Quick, name the last great running back. It's not so easy and that's a disturbing trend.

    Chat wrap: Ivan Maisel

    Friday, Aug. 13
    The Coaching Carousel

    Price Is Right For UTEP
    Mike Price just wanted a second chance and he found it at Texas-El Paso.

    Welcome Back
    George O'Leary spent two years out of college football, but now he's back and intent on building a winner at UCF.

    Sly New Coach
    Sylvester Croom is changing the attitude and restoring a sense of pride at Mississippi State.

    Passing Fancy
    A passing attack? In Lincoln? Here's how Bill Callahan West Coast Offense is working out so far at Nebraska.

    Curry: Nothing like being a new coach

    Coaching Changes
    A look at the other new faces in new places.

    Saturday, Aug. 14
    The Road to the BCS
    Breaking down the latest changes to the BCS formula and what it means for this year's race to the Orange Bowl.

    Sunday, Aug. 15
    Conference Rankings
    Who's the best conference in the country? The new and improved ACC? The SEC? Big 12? We rank them all.

    Monday, Aug. 16
    The ACC

    Blowing In The Wind
    Miami's Brock Berlin admits he struggled last season, but he'll also say he'll be much-improved this season.

    Is this the year?
    With a team good enough to make a national title run, the deciding factor may just be how well Chris Rix plays.

    Hot Hot Hot
    Tommy Bowden went from being on the hot seat to suddenly being the hot coach in the ACC.

    ESPN Experts: Herbstreit's ACC Breakdown

    Lemming: ACC freshmen to watch

    Tuesday, Aug. 17
    The Big East

    Marshall Plan
    West Virginia's Rasheed Marshall is no longer an anonymous QB. He's the key to WVU's Big East title hopes.

    Welcome to the Club
    Just a few years ago, UConn was a I-AA program. Now the Huskies have bowl dreams their first Big East season.

    The Secret Life Of Walter Reyes
    All Reyes has done is rewrite the Syracuse record book and now Syracuse pins its hopes on him to carry the offense.

    ESPN Experts: Big East Breakdown

    Lemming: Big East freshmen to watch

    Wednesday, Aug. 18
    ESPN The Magazine Preview -- The Edge
    Including features on:
    Georgia's David Pollack
    USC's Matt Leinart

    Power 16 Capsules
    Breaking down the Top 16 teams in the country.

    The Bottom 10
    Highlighting the best of the worst in college football.

    Mid-Major Six Pack
    A refreshing look at the best of the conferences that sometimes get overlooked.

    Unit Rankings
    Who has the best group of RBs? Who has the best LBs? We rank the best units by position across the country.

    Chat wrap: ESPN The Magazine's Bruce Feldman

    Thursday, Aug. 19
    The Big Ten

    No, It's Iowa
    Other get the publicity, but the best group of linebackers in the Big Ten may be from Iowa.

    Getting Better All The Time
    Drew Brees shadow looms large around Purdue, but Kyle Orton is ready to step out of it this season.

    Home Sweet Home
    Marlin Jackson was the ultimate team player after moving to safety last year. Now, he's back home at CB.

    ESPN Experts: Big Ten Breakdown

    Book excerpt: "Third Down and a War to Go"
    Terry Frei chronicles the path of the 1942 Wisconsin Badgers from the gridiron through the battlefields of World War II.

    Lemming: Big Ten freshmen to watch

    Friday, Aug. 20
    The Big 12

    Prove It
    After two shaky games at the end of last year, doubt suddenly linger over OU's returning Heisman winner Jason White.

    Second Time Is The Charm
    Dennis Franchione is known for his quick turnarounds, but Texas A&M could be his toughest turnaround trick yet.

    The Quiet Wildcat
    Darren Sproles doesn't like to talk much, but his play on the field has others talking about the Heisman Trophy.

    ESPN Experts: Big 12 Breakdown

    Lemming: Big 12 freshmen to watch

    Chat wrap: Tulane coach Chris Scelfo

    Saturday, Aug. 21
    Conference USA, MAC and WAC

    Means to an End
    Better known for his role in a recruiting scandal, Memphis' Albert Means is out to make a name for himself on the field.

    Cradle of QBs
    Once again, the MAC is loaded with QBs making this little conference a QB factory.

    One Wild Ride
    Timmy Chang went from golden boy to benched to, now, poised to break Ty Detmer's D-IA record for passing yards.

    ESPN Experts: Conference USA Breakdown

    ESPN Experts: MAC Breakdown

    ESPN Experts: WAC Breakdown

    Lemming: C-USA, MAC, WAC freshmen to watch

    Sunday, Aug. 22
    Independents, Mountain West and Sun Belt

    Life Under The Golden Microscope
    The expectations and spotlight on the Irish make Notre Dame one of the toughest places to succeed.

    Life Away From the Spotlight
    Utah is a long way from the spotlight, but former ND assistant Urban Meyer turned the Utes into a top 20 program.

    Life Off The Map
    All they wanted was a chance and the Sun Belt gave the forgotten recruits a chance for stardom.

    ESPN Experts: Independents Breakdown

    ESPN Experts: Mountain West Breakdown

    ESPN Experts: Sun Belt Breakdown

    Lemming: Independents, Mountain West and Sun Belt freshmen to watch

    Monday, Aug. 23
    The Pac-10

    Beavers With Bite
    The best defensive backfield may be in Corvallis, Oregon and this group could make the Beavers contenders.

    Mirror Images
    The quick rise of Geoff McArthur as one of the nation's best WRs and Cal as one of the top teams go hand-in-hand.

    ESPN Experts: Pac-10 Breakdown

    Lemming: Pac-10 freshmen to watch

    Tuesday, Aug. 24
    The SEC

    They're Not Booing, They're Saying Lou
    Lou Holtz demoted his son and takes over the play-calling duty as he tries to revive South Carolina. Will it work?

    Young And Restless
    With Chris Leak leading the offense and Channing Crowder anchoring the defense, Florida's future could be now.

    Tough Choice
    LSU's path back to the title game is paved with the unpopular choice of Marcus Randall over Jamarcus Russell at QB.

    ESPN Experts: SEC Breakdown

    Lemming: SEC freshmen to watch

    Wednesday, Aug. 25
    The Herbies
    Kirk Herbstreit's 4th Annual Best of College Football Awards.

    Games to Watch
    A look at the games you don't want to miss this season.

    Chat wrap: USC DL Shaun Cody and Mike Patterson

    Chat wrap: Beano Cook

    Thursday, Aug. 26
    For Argument's Sake Preview Edition
    Ivan Maisel and Gene Wojciechowski are back going head-to-head about college football.'s Heisman Poll
    ESPN's panel of experts give you the definitive Heisman Poll.

    Hot 100
    It's not who will be the best pro. Instead, Bruce Feldman simply lists the best 100 players in college football.

    Friday, Aug. 27
    ESPN Experts' Picks
    Our experts tell you who will be playing in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 4 as well as selecting all the conference winners.