The best at everything in college football

As the NFL is scouting college talent, it's all about evaluating skill sets that will translate at the next level. Whether looking for a wide receiver to provide big plays, an interior offensive lineman to dominate in the run game, or a defensive lineman to challenge the edge as a pass-rusher, specific skill sets are crucial for projecting players as they transition from college to the NFL. Using Pro Football Focus data, we can identify the best players in the draft class in a number of key areas. The following players should be on the NFL's radar for their very specific skills.

Most elusive QB: Lamar Jackson, Louisville
The 2016 Heisman winner is a special player with the ball in his hands, and while he continues to develop as a passer, it's the running ability that sets Jackson apart from other prospects. He led all Power 5 quarterbacks with a rushing grade of 96.2 last season, and he leads all quarterbacks with a 92.9 mark this year. Jackson is dynamic in the open field, where he has ankle-breaking speed, and he has a knack for shrugging off tacklers both inside and outside the pocket; in three seasons, he has forced 107 total missed tackles on 453 carries. Jackson's combination of big-play arm strength and game-changing speed is the best we've seen from a prospect since Michael Vick.