How Jake Fromm and Justin Fields can combine to beat LSU

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Kirk Herbstreit previews the top matchups of Week 7, as Georgia faces LSU and Michigan takes on Wisconsin. (2:05)

Through the first six weeks of the season, it appears Georgia is still trying to find itself offensively, especially when it comes to incorporating freshman QB Justin Fields into the game plan. When you consider that the Bulldogs also are working in a lot of new faces, it shouldn't be that surprising.

As we dissect where Georgia is on offense and what it will need to do to defeat LSU on the road this weekend, it is pretty clear the Dawgs must accomplish two major tasks -- stay out of third-and-long situations and incorporate Fields a bit more to give them a dimension that forces LSU to prepare for two different offensive game plans.

Surprisingly, Jake Fromm has struggled on third downs this year:

• On third downs, he is completing 56 percent of his passes (the national average is 57 percent). His third-down QBR is only 24, which is 121st nationally.

• Overall, he's averaging 10.5 yards per attempt (second in SEC, fifth nationally); on third downs, that number drops to 7.1 yards per attempt (fourth in SEC, 50th nationally).

• He's averaging 14.5 yards per completion overall (third in SEC, 13th nationally); on third downs, that number drops to 12.6 yards per completion (seventh in SEC, 51st nationally)

His QBR on first and second downs is 92 each. On third downs, it drops all the way to 24. And both of his interceptions have come on third down.

As a result, using Fields in short-yardage situations might be a quality solution. This could enhance the run-pass option game as well as force LSU to account for an extra runner on offense. Below are some clips that show some of the strengths and weaknesses of both players and why they will need to complement each other to keep LSU on its heels.