Bring keys and get ready to Hokie Pokie

So, you're in Blacksburg for a game, but not quite sure how to blend in at Lane Stadium or how to cheer for the Hokies? Here's a quick checklist to help you out.

10. Blacksburg is a drinking town with a football problem -- you'll find out that Jack Daniels is everyone's friend at tailgates.

9. The Highty-Tighties might have a funny name, but they're one hell of a corps of cadets marching band.

8. We don't leave our keys at home or even in our pocket -- we make sure to use them to make as much noise as possible when the opposing offense is on third down.

7. We deny (in most cases) that our mascot is actually a bird, but when the Turkey starts gobbling over the PA system, we consider that our war cry.

6. Our favorite two chants at Tech football games: "Stick It In!" (get your mind out of the gutter) when we're in the red zone, and, of course, "Block that Kick!"

5. Baseball has got the 7th inning stretch, but we prefer the 3rd quarter Hokie Pokie.

4. We wear Orange Effect T-shirts and acknowledge that you're supposed to wear clashing Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange to football games. We leave the Blue Blazers and neckties for the amateur fans in Charlottesville.

3. Never, EVER question two people: Michael Vick (he's "Michael" and not "Mike" to Hokie fans) and Frank Beamer.

2. Beware of countless pushups after scores in the stands, but keep an eye out
for the Hokie bird on the bench press in the North endzone pumping out his
reps as well.

1. Don't ever mention the fact that you think the visiting team is going to come to Lane Stadium and beat the Hokies -- the last man to do that was Lee Corso, and his rental car was struck by lightning in our parking lot. After all, God is a Hokies fan.

Rajan Nanavati is the sports editor and Adam Abramson is the associate sports editor for the Virginia Tech Collegiate Times.