White's 'fall' from a rooftop only a gag

LOS ANGELES -- Pete Carroll had some Halloween fun with his top-ranked and unbeaten football team -- as well as some stunned reporters -- on Monday.

ALT HERE Carroll

Carroll and running back LenDale White pulled off the gag, which came at the end of practice. According to the Los Angeles Times, White got into an "altercation" with Carroll and some Trojan assistant coaches as practice was winding down. Among his complaints: he wasn't getting enough carries.

As his teammates watched, Carroll kicked White out of practice, the Times said. White left and, with reporters in tow, went to a nearby six-story building.

Carroll called the team together and told the players they couldn't let distractions get in the way.

While Carroll was talking, assistant coach Pat Ruel pointed to the building at White, who had climbed to the roof and was yelling. As the players turned, an apparent player in a No. 21 jersey -- White's number -- fell from the rooftop.

A few players gasped; many laughed, the Times said.

Shortly thereafter, White returned to practice laughing. "We wanted my teammates to really believe it," he told the Times

"He was most convincing," Carroll to the newspaper. "He did a great job."