Ricky Seals-Jones to fight charge

Texas A&M receiver Ricky Seals-Jones plans to fight the disorderly conduct (language) charge he was levied following an arrest early Sunday morning, according to his attorney.

Cameron Reynolds, an attorney based in Bryan, Texas, said the freshman receiver is "absolutely" fighting the charges and that Seals-Jones was struck by another individual while he was trying to help a friend leave the Northgate bar district in College Station.

"Ricky Seals-Jones is absolutely fighting these charges," the statement reads. "He had nothing to drink and was at home when a friend called him to come to Northgate to give him a ride home. Ricky went to Northgate to help his friend toward the car when someone struck him. When Ricky turned toward him that person cursed him and called Ricky the 'N' word. Words were exchanged and Ricky was arrested. The other individual was not arrested.

"I have personally spoken with an independent witness who confirms these facts. Ricky volunteered to take a breath test since he had not consumed alcohol but this request was never granted."

Seals-Jones, 19, was taken into custody on the misdemeanor charge at about 2:25 a.m. Sunday and later released after posting $445 bond. The arrest report, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN.com, indicates that the arresting officer witnessed another male bump into Seals-Jones, which led to the two individuals exchanging words on the 100 block of College Main after area bars had closed.

The officer said he could not hear what was being said at the time but that it appeared the other male said something as he turned to Seals-Jones. The officer said Seals-Jones then "broke away from his friends [and] yelled 'F--- you! You want some?'" then "threw his hands downward to his sides with his palms facing the other person in a common gesture when one is trying to initiate a fight."

The officer's statement also claimed that Seals-Jones "appeared to be intoxicated," which is disputed in the statement released by Reynolds.

Reynolds called Seals-Jones "a real good kid," and that the freshman receiver is doing his best to deal with the situation.

"He's hanging in there but it's kind of tough having your name out there like that," Reynolds said. "He's known for being a good kid around here."

Texas A&M has not suspended Seals-Jones in the wake of the incident, which has been standard procedure with three previous player arrests this year. Athletic department spokesman Alan Cannon said Sunday that Texas A&M athletics personnel have been made aware of the arrest and are looking into the incident.

The 6-foot-5, 240-pound receiver caught three passes for 84 yards and a touchdown last season, all of which came in the Aggies' season opener against Rice. Seals-Jones injured his knee in that game and made a brief appearance two weeks later against Alabama before electing to have season-ending knee surgery. Texas A&M applied for a medical hardship waiver in order to restore Seals-Jones' freshman year of eligibility.