OU: NBA tickets affidavit standard

The University of Oklahoma clarified a claim made by former football player Gabe Ikard that the school forced him and his girlfriend to sign affidavits confirming their relationship.

Ikard had been a fixture courtside at Oklahoma City Thunder basketball games, using tickets from his girlfriend, Caroline Cameron.

OU compliance executive director Jason Leonard told ESPN.com that the affidavit Ikard signed was "standard protocol" and that other OU student-athletes who had attended Thunder games in the past had signed similar affidavits.

The purpose of the affidavit, Leonard said, was to document that Ikard's use of the courtside tickets was in no way connected to his status as a football player.

All student-athletes, Leonard said, would be asked to sign the same affidavit if also provided courtside Thunder tickets.

Ikard, who was a four-year starter on the Sooners' offensive line, made waves after an appearance on an Oklahoma City radio station.

"They did some digging, and I'm actually compliance official with my girlfriend," Ikard told WWLS-FM. "We had to sign a signed affidavit that she was not dating me just because I was a football player."

This isn't the first time Ikard has made news for a compliance-related reason. He was one of the players cited in "Pastagate," after OU self-reported a violation for providing spaghetti as a "meal" at a graduation party, when only a "snack" was permissible, according to NCAA rules. In April, the NCAA loosened its governance in the amount of food schools can provide their student-athletes.

Ikard, who wasn't selected in the NFL draft this past weekend, signed a free-agent contract with the Tennessee Titans.