Records show Jim Harbaugh spent nearly $136K in 2015 recruiting

Records: Harbaugh spent $136K in 2015 recruiting (2:50)

ESPN Big Ten reporter Austin Ward discusses the reports that Jim Harbaugh spent nearly $136K in 12 days of recruiting in 2015. (2:50)

Jim Harbaugh racked up nearly $136,000 in recruiting travel expenses over a 12-day period during his first month as Michigan's coach, according to records obtained by USA Today Sports.

Harbaugh was named Michigan's coach on Dec. 30, 2014, after four seasons with the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, and began his intense recruiting effort within three weeks.

According to university records acquired by USA Today, Harbaugh and his recruiting staff used a private jet from Jan. 19 to Jan. 30, 2015, and averaged more than $10,000 per day in travel expenses.

Harbaugh's contract at Michigan provides for the use of a private jet for recruiting purposes. Records show that Harbaugh, traveling either alone or with assistant coaches, made 18 trips on the jet during the 12-day stretch leading up to national signing day.

Despite Harbaugh's late start in the recruiting process, Michigan had the 40th-ranked incoming class entering the 2015 season, according to ESPN Recruiting Nation.

Harbaugh was much more successful in recruiting this year, as Michigan finished with the No. 6 overall class for 2016. Expense records for this recruiting season were not yet available, according to USA Today Sports.