Vince Young plans countersuit against woman, lawyer says

Former NFL quarterback Vince Young is being sued by a woman who alleges he "violently" pulled her hair while he was "extremely intoxicated" during a car ride in 2014.

In the lawsuit, first reported by TMZ Sports, the accuser claims Young was "out of control emotionally and physically" and caused her significant injury by pulling her hair while riding in a vehicle after an NCAA tournament game in March 2014. The lawsuit does not say if Young was driving.

The accuser is seeking $250,000.

A lawyer representing Young said that his client intends to countersue and called the suit "a clear attempt to extract money from Mr. Young." Young's legal team investigated the allegations a year ago, according to the lawyer, and interviewed witnesses who claimed the alleged assault never happened.

Young retired from football in 2014. He now works at the University of Texas as a diversity and community engagement officer, fundraising for the division's educational programs.

He was arrested in January on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated but kept his job at the university.

Young also has been an analyst with the Longhorn Network since 2014.