Shalom Luani arrested on second-degree assault charge

Washington State free safety Shalom Luani was arrested Wednesday morning and could be charged with second-degree assault, ESPN.com confirmed after an initial report by Pullman Radio.

Luani broke a 20-year-old's nose at the Domino's Pizza at 854 NE Monroe Street after Luani was allegedly upset with his long wait, police said. Police were called after the altercation escalated in the parking lot.

"After he was arrested and dealing with the police, and brought down here he was cooperative," said Chris Tennant, commander with the Pullman Police Department.

Luani was booked at the Pullman Police Department and later released on his own recognizance. As of 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday morning an official police report had not yet been written, and on Thursday, Tennant told ESPN that it likely would not be written up until early next week. Once that report is written following the completion of the investigation, it will be forwarded to the Whitman County prosecuting attorney requesting the charges of second-degree assault.

Tennant said that he doesn't necessarily think that this will end up in court.

"These things rarely go to court," he told ESPN.com. "They do generally result in some type of charges or plea deals. There will be some sort of legal interaction. You can't just go around breaking people's noses and expect it to go away."

An interview request to the employees at the Domino's Pizza was returned with no comment.

"As it is a police matter we will continue to cooperate with law enforcement. Outside of that we will keep it a team issue at this time," a Washington State spokesman said.

There also is an ongoing investigation into a July fight at a house party on Washington State's campus that may have involved multiple Washington State football players.

ESPN's Kevin Gemmell contributed to this report.