Pitt, Oregon, Louisville others have midseason's best unis

College football teams continue to get more creative -- some for the better, some for the worse -- with their uniforms. The first half of the 2016 season saw Oregon bring its mascot to life, a handful of throwbacks and much more. Which new threads stood out above the rest?

Pittsburgh Panthers -- throwbacks in Week 6 win over Georgia Tech

The reaction to Pitt's throwbacks, which looked something like the threads Tony Dorsett wore in the mid-1970s (as well as a certain fictional team of Panthers), was so positive, it left many wondering why the Panthers don't switch to the look full time.

Oregon Ducks -- "Once a Duck" in Week 4 loss to Colorado

It's not often that a uniform combination makes spectators laugh audibly after turning on a game, but that's the reaction most people had when the Ducks sported orange face masks and footwear to model their web-footed mascot. Very few Oregon fans were laughing after their team lost at home.

Louisville Cardinals -- chrome red helmets in win over Florida State

The Cardinals debuted the sharp new helmets in their dismantling of Florida State and stuck with them until they lost at Clemson. Last week's win over Duke came in an all-black combo, so where does Louisville go from here?

LSU Tigers -- "Gridiron Gold" in win over Mississippi State

Rarely does a traditional team like LSU switch things up, but the Tigers did it by calling on their history with gold uniforms that look similar to the unis they wore in the 1940s, complete with the old-school "Sailor Mike" logo. LSU showed that blue-blood programs can wear alternates without getting too crazy.

Texas A&M Aggies -- "Junction Made" in Week 5 win over South Carolina

Sometimes simplicity is a positive for uniforms, and that was the case for the Aggies when they wore a throwback look that was inspired by Paul "Bear" Bryant's days leading the program in the 1950s. Adidas took its time and paid attention to every detail.

Virginia Tech Hokies -- "Hokie Stone" in Week 2 loss to Tennessee

Radical alternate uniforms can look better on paper than in practice, and that was the case with Virginia Tech's gray/black combo in the "Battle at Bristol." The gray didn't exactly jump off the screen, but it was nice to see the Hokies take a chance on a huge stage.

TCU Horned Frogs -- "Liquid Steel" in loss to Oklahoma

If your team is going to wear black, as several teams have lately, it's better to go all the way, and that's what TCU did by introducing a new "Liquid Steel" helmet with an oversize Frog logo on either side.

Indiana Hoosiers -- "Candy Stripe" in Week 7 loss to Nebraska

The candy-stripe pattern has more often been associated with Indiana's basketball program and its signature warm-up pants. The Hoosiers deserve credit for bringing the look to the football field, but they may not have gone far enough with just the shoulder striping. Why not go all-out and extend it to the pants?

Miami Hurricanes -- "Legend of the U" in Week 6 loss to Florida State

Miami would like to be restored to the place in the championship conversation it held in the 1980s, so perhaps the throwback uniforms were wishful thinking.

Air Force Falcons -- "Shark Teeth" in Week 2 win over Georgia State

It goes without saying that slapping a shark on your helmet is going to get some attention, especially when it pays respect to the Air Force's aircraft. The only problem? The Falcons wore the helmets against Georgia State in front of fewer than 25,000 fans.