How to have a very Harbaugh Halloween

Harbaugh Halloween Jerry Liu

Without many exceptions, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh subscribes to the "more is more" philosophy in life.

For Harbaugh, it's true with fullbacks. It's true with touchdowns. And it's definitely true with Halloween candy -- good luck finding a coach (or any person, for that matter) who has put more thought into trick-or-treating.

Here's Harbaugh's four-part plan to maximizing your Halloween experience.

Step 1: Huddle up -- prep work is key.

As a kid, Harbaugh loved Halloween but has some regrets. "(I) had the standard sheet with the eyes cut out," Harbaugh told WXYZ. "I always wanted the mask and the cape or Spiderman, but I never did get one of those."

So perhaps it's no surprise that he's developed such an intricate trick-or-treating game plan over the years.

Step 2: Don't walk. Don't jog. Sprint!

Speed fills. The key to a massive stash of candies at the end of the night starts with speed. The faster you can get from one doorbell to the next, the more homes you can visit. "The hustle, that's how you get more candy," Harbaugh told Dan Lebatard earlier this year. "You can get a lot of candy from going out there and walking from house to house, but you can get a lot more by jogging from house to house. And if you can sprint, you'll get the most candy."

Step 3: Be multiple: Two trips around the neighborhood is better than one.

Whether blitzing quarterbacks or candy bags, the key is a good disguise. Harbaugh always recommends having a second option ready to go to keep the neighborhood guessing. You can hit the neighborhood in one costume..." he told WXYZ's Brad Galli a year ago. "Then come home make a quick change into the second costume and go hit those same houses again."

Step 4: Stay hydrated -- with milk.

All that hustle is going to leave you thirsty. The coach recommends stopping to fill up with his favorite drink in between sprints through the neighborhood. Nothing washes down a chocolate bar like an ice cold glass of milk. "I truly believe the No. 1 natural steroid is sleep, and the No. 2 natural steroid is milk, whole milk," Harbaugh has said.