Alabama's Brian Daboll looks to Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski

Finebaum calls new Alabama OC a 'pedestrian' hire (1:46)

Paul Finebaum offers his take on Alabama's decision to hire Brian Daboll as its next offensive coordinator. (1:46)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- It has been less than two months since Alabama hired Brian Daboll as its new offensive coordinator. But the former New England Patriots assistant coach has already made an impression on sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts.

It helps when you can call up former players such as Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski and let your new quarterback FaceTime with them.

"We're running some of the same stuff they've ran, so he'll call Tom Brady and ask him what his top five plays are," Hurts said. "It's cool because we're running the same plays he's ran."

Hurts said that he and Brady didn't talk to each other much, other than just an informal greeting. But the fact that Daboll has coached these players and coached at the NFL level for 17 years only gives him more respect around the Alabama locker room.

For Daboll, it has been important to just get to know Hurts both on and off the field. One of the first things he did after he was hired was to meet with the Crimson Tide quarterback.

"He came by to visit one day, and he was kind of telling me what his intentions were, how he did things, and he kind of told me his history and what he's done," Hurts said. "I think we've built a really good relationship in a short time."

Earlier this week, Daboll stopped by the Black Scholars Honors Day ceremony to support and congratulate Hurts for earning an Academic Achievement Award.