Oklahoma president David Boren says Sooners aren't planning to leave Big 12

Trotter doesn't buy Oklahoma's president's comments (0:46)

Jake Trotter says it's too early to believe Oklahoma is definitely committed to the Big 12 for the long haul. (0:46)

Oklahoma school president David Boren says the university doesn't "have any plans to make a move" out of the Big 12 conference.

Boren was responding to comments made by Paul Finebaum, a host on ESPN's SEC Network, earlier this week.

"I can think of one school in the Big 12 that would like out pretty desperately. ... And that school is the University of Oklahoma," Finebaum told WJOX in Birmingham on Monday.

"We're not desperate to go anywhere else," Boren told the Tulsa World after the school's regents meeting Thursday. "We're in pretty stable position with the Big 12."

Over the past several days, Finebaum has reiterated his belief -- on his own show and others -- that the Sooners are looking for ways out of a conference he likens to the Titanic.

Talking on Sirius XM College Sports Nation, Finebaum said, "I believe very strongly ... that Oklahoma flat-out wants out of the Big 12, as soon as it can get that door open without mortgaging its entire bank account. I don't think they want anything do with the uncertain future of the Big 12."

Finebaum cites the lack of a TV network as one of the reasons that the Big 12 is weaker than other Power 5 conferences.

Boren said Thursday that the league remains competitive financially. Last summer, the conference distributed $30.4 million in revenue to each of its 10 members, which ranked third among Power 5 conferences.

"Financially, it's not a great hardship, frankly," Boren told the Tulsa World. "What we're getting per school is not really out of line with others."

Still, Boren -- who led the charge that ultimately fizzled last summer for the Big 12 to consider expansion -- didn't close the door on the possibility of future realignment involving Oklahoma.

The Big 12's grant of rights binding the conference together expires in 2024-25. After that point, the Sooners would be free to explore other conferences without financial penalty.

"It's very important to always have the possibility of making a move, if we want to," Boren said. "The question is, are you in a conference that's going to have a chance to play for national championships and going to be in playoffs?"