Sources: Three players accused of rape found to have violated policy

A Title IX investigation into an alleged rape found that three Michigan State football players violated a university policy, according to sources who have seen the results of the three-month investigation.

The details about what the investigation uncovered have not been made public, but a violation did occur, according to Karen Truszkowski, the attorney representing a woman who has accused the three football players of assaulting her in mid-January.

Michigan State spokesman Jason Cody confirmed the investigation had been completed but said student privacy laws prevented him from discussing the results or confirming that a violation occurred.

FERPA laws prevent schools from disclosing student information in many instances, but the law provides for exceptions in cases that involve crimes of violence or nonforcible sex offenses. In those cases, the school is allowed -- but not required -- to provide the name of the alleged perpetrators and the violations, according to information on the U.S. Department of Education's website.

The alleged incident occurred Jan. 16 at an on-campus apartment. The three football players, who have not been named, were suspended from the program and removed from campus housing in early February.

The players now will go before a student judiciary board with penalties ranging from probation to expulsion from school. Cody did not confirm that this particular case would go in front of the judiciary board, but said that process typically takes several weeks to reach a conclusion.

"As to what will happen, I can't speculate," Truszkowski told The Associated Press. "They're entitled to their due process."

Police investigated the allegations as well and submitted a request for four arrest warrants in February. Three of those warrants were for sexual crimes and the fourth was for a nonsexual crime related to the investigation.

The Ingham County prosecutor has yet to decide whether she will charge anyone with crimes based on what the police presented to her.

The athletic department also suspended Curtis Blackwell, a football staff member and major recruiter for the Spartans, at the same time as the three players.

The Title IX probe is the first of three investigations into the alleged sexual assault to reach a conclusion. The school hired an outside law firm to look specifically into the way the football program responded to the alleged incident.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.