Texas implements policy prohibiting live-tweeting by media

The Texas Longhorns are putting restrictions on when reporters covering the team can tweet in certain situations.

Texas implemented a new social media policy Wednesday that prohibits media members from live-tweeting during post-practice interview sessions. The Longhorns want all information held until all interviews are completed.

Following the release of the policy, team spokesman John Bianco told the Austin American-Statesman that breaking news could be tweeted immediately but did not clarify what would fall under that exception.

In an email to reporters, Texas said it hoped the lack of live-tweeting would improve accuracy and allow for better context.

The email also contained notes on where reporters should stand during interviews, directing them to not stand behind coaches or players.

Former coach Charlie Strong and players often held interviews that were broadcast live on the ESPN-operated Longhorn Network. But new coach Tom Herman has held interviews inside the team's practice facility, which does not allow for live coverage.