Uni Watch -- What's new in the Big 12 for 2017

As we do every year, we've prepared a comprehensive team-by-team rundown of the new gear that will be on display this season in the Big 12. In addition to uniform changes, we've included updates to logos, equipment, field designs and anything else related to a team's visual program. If a school isn't listed here, that means it hasn't yet announced any changes for this season, at least that we're aware of (though schools will undoubtedly be unveiling additional uniforms and helmets -- blackout, whiteout, camouflage, stars and stripes, chrome and so on -- as the season progresses).

Ready? Deep breath -- here we go.

• No specifics yet, but Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley recently said that the Sooners would likely have some alternate uniforms this season. Stay tuned.

TCU is going with raised lettering on its nose and neck bumpers and has also updated the collar on its black jersey, which will now have purple frog skin:

Texas has become the first FBS school to use special sensor technology in all of its helmets. There's a good rundown in this video:

The Longhorns also have new cleats, which almost qualifies as major news for a team that makes so few changes to its visual program.

Texas Tech has tweaked its jersey typography, though the team's basic look is largely unchanged.