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Uni Watch: What's new in the SEC for 2017

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As we do every year, we've prepared a comprehensive team-by-team rundown of the new gear that will be on display this season in the SEC. In addition to uniform changes, we've included updates to logos, equipment, field designs and anything else related to a team's visual program. If a school isn't listed here, that means it hasn't yet announced any changes for this season, at least that we're aware of (though schools will undoubtedly be unveiling additional uniforms and helmets -- blackout, whiteout, camouflage, stars and stripes, chrome and so on -- as the season progresses).

Ready? Deep breath -- here we go.

Arkansas is planning some sort of memorial tribute -- maybe a jersey patch, maybe a helmet decal, maybe something else -- for former coach Frank Broyles, who died earlier this month. Details to follow shortly.

• Subtle change for Auburn, which is going with three-dimensional nose bumper lettering:

Also: Auburn will be using a new football design this year, with a tiger eye motif:

In addition, Auburn has a sharp-looking 125th anniversary logo, but a team representative has confirmed that it will be used only for marketing purposes and will not be worn as a jersey patch or helmet decal.

• Some very subtle changes for Florida, the most notable of which is that the Gatorhead logo on the pants has been moved from the hip to the upper-right thigh, so it no longer interrupts the pants striping. Speaking of which, the striping pattern on the orange pants now matches the sleeve striping on the jersey. The Nike logo, which had been on the right thigh, has been moved to the left side.

Georgia has switched to a new Nike template, the primary result of which is that the Bulldogs no longer have to wear that annoying Flywire collar -- a huge upgrade.

Kentucky's longtime home, Commonwealth Stadium, no longer exists -- at least not by that name. Thanks to a new naming rights deal, it is now known as Kroger Field.

The new name will be easy to remember because they're stenciling it onto the turf:

LSU's shoulder stripes were short, then they were long, and now they're short again:

In addition, the Tigers are going with 3-D neck bumper lettering this year.

Mississippi State has adjusted its sleeve striping and collar trim. The black outlining on the sleeves and collar is gone and gray striping has been added to the sleeves, which mirrors the striping on the pants:

Missouri has simplified its look by scrapping the contrasting shoulder yoke and sleeves:

• Thanks to a new tailoring template, Ole Miss's shoulder stripes have gotten significantly shorter.

Tennessee quarterback Quinten Dormady plans to wear loose, long-ish sleeves this season -- a look that is evocative of former Vols signal-caller Peyton Manning (additional info here).

Texas A&M has a new maroon alternate uniform with black accents, which will be worn against Mississippi State on Oct. 28. The helmet has a maroon-to-black gradation that will supposedly have different looks depending on the angle from which it is viewed (additional photos and info here):

• The players aren't the only ones who wear uniforms. Over at Vanderbilt, the school's on-field mascot, Mr. Commodore, has a new uniform of his own:

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