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Auburn fans asked not to 'roll' two main oak trees on Toomer's Corner this year

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Ahead of its Sept. 2 home opener vs. Georgia Southern, Auburn is asking fans not to roll the two main oak trees on Toomer's Corner this year.

According to officials, the new trees could be damaged or killed if they are rolled since they are not yet fully rooted and established.

Workers planted new trees in February because of damage caused by a fire in September 2016.

Toomer's Corner is a traditional gathering for Auburn fans to celebrate football victories by rolling the trees with toilet paper. A German man pleaded guilty to setting fire to paper on one of the trees after a game.

Fans have been asked, however, to roll other trees on Toomer's Corner, including the two magnolia trees in front of Biggin Hall and an oak tree.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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