Football fashion: The full Rockne

Watching the game at Notre Dame this weekend might look a little the way it did in the 1920s.

The Irish are honoring legendary coach Knute Rockne with throwbacks that harken to Rockne's teams and his enormous legacy.

Rockne played and coached Notre Dame, winning three national championships as a coach before dying in a plane crash in 1931. He was an innovator on the field, popularizing the forward pass, pre-snap shifts and was a precursor to platoon football. Off the field, he made Notre Dame a national brand by traveling the country to play powerhouse programs from Army to USC.

For the uniforms, Notre Dame's helmets and shoes will resemble the plain, hard, brown leather versions worn in Rockne's day.

The jerseys' front logo resembles an older-style Notre Dame monogram and Rockne's name is on the back.

Finally, the sleeves feature text from Rockne's most famous speech.

Shout out to the equipment managers

Equipment managers do a lot of dirty work before teams come out looking so good on Saturdays. Two groups of student managers kept their rivalry alive Thursday night.

UCLA and USC have two of college football's classic uniforms, so their staffs don't have to worry often about alternate uniforms or new designs. Instead, they played flag football against each other ahead of Saturday's battle for Los Angeles.

The Trojans' equipment staff kept its winning streak alive.

Under-the-radar look of the week

While the FBS world debates who should be in its playoff, the postseason is off and running in Division II. Mountain East Conference champs Shepherd University will host Findlay in the first round of the playoffs.

The Rams reached the national semifinals last season before losing to North Alabama.