2017 college football quotes of the year

Saban wants to know, what's up with ripped jeans? (0:48)

At his weekly news conference, Nick Saban asks, "how did we get here?" after walking by someone who was wearing ripped jeans. (0:48)

When the season started, did you expect Nick Saban to be holding court on rat poison and ripped jeans? Or Mike Leach to give a dissertation on weddings? (OK, maybe that's not so far-fetched.) But it's been a long season, and it's possible you forgot some of these.

So here's a look at our favorite lines from the 2017 season:

Forget the Heisman speech, this was Baker's best 2017 line

"You forgot who Daddy is. I'm going to have to spank you today." -- Baker Mayfield's pregame message to Baylor

Mark Richt on how to properly eat a sandwich

The mullet also turned down a Tennessee coaching offer
"I'm going to say that the dollar figure is somewhere in the millions." -- Mike Gundy, on the value of his mullet

What is Clemson's star DE looking forward to at the Sugar Bowl?
"Them donuts. What are they called? (Beignets.) Yeah, beignets. I'm going to get me some of them." -- Dexter Lawrence

Pat Narduzzi's halftime guarantee


Pitt coach guarantees win at halftime

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi says his 4-7 team will seal the deal and knock off No. 2 Miami.

That's not fair, Akron's bowl-eligible
"I know last year for their win [against us], it was like the Super Bowl. But for us, this was just like beating Akron." -- Penn State's James Franklin, after beating Pitt

Jimbo Fisher on, uh, what it is?
"They said it was, I didn't know that's what it was, but it is what it is."

Nick Saban, a Coke bottle and words to live by
On rat poison:
"I'm trying to get our players to listen to me instead of you guys. All that stuff you write about how good we are? All that stuff they hear on ESPN? It's like poison. Like rat poison."


Saban tired of positive press

Nick Saban is frustrated about his Crimson Tide players hearing how good they are and doesn't expect to beat every team by a large margin.

On 2017 fashion: "Not to offend anybody out here, I just walked by some jeans, wore out jeans, holes in them, all cut up. I just remember when I was a kid in West Virginia, I was ashamed to go to school because my jeans were wore out only because we didn't have any better. Now they buy them that way. I just can't figure how did we get here?"

Leach on weddings, Woodstock

After beating USC: "It's a good win. There's a lot of people. It's like Woodstock, except everybody's got their clothes on."

The Butch Jones School of Motivational Speaking

On leadership reps: "You don't have to get a physical rep to get a rep. You can get a leadership rep by having all the wideouts stand around you and going over your progression and going over what you're thinking."

On bye weeks: "I thought it was if not the best bye week, one of the best bye weeks we've had here in a very long time."

On scoring touchdowns: "I thought we did all the things that it takes to play winning football except one element, and we spoke about it after the game, and that's score touchdowns in the red zone."

Lane Kiffin on, well...

You know what, just go here.