Chris Del Conte's contract with Texas set to be approved next week

AUSTIN, Texas -- New Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte will have a seven-year contract starting at $1.3 million per year, according to contract details released Thursday.

The University of Texas System Board of Regents is scheduled to approve Del Conte's contract when it meets next week. Del Conte's annual salary will reach $1.57 million in the final year in 2024. The contract includes an additional $725,000 in other payments spread over the life of the deal.

Texas will also pay TCU, Del Conte's former school, a $1 million buyout of his previous contract.

The regents also are expected to approve a new $1.7 million annual salary for football defensive coordinator Todd Orlando with a one-year extension until March 2021. New co-offensive coordinator and line coach Herb Hand will get a three-year contract at $640,000 per year.