Tide QB Jalen Hurts wears Auburn's colors to honor Iron Bowl bet with Charles Barkley

Hurts fulfills bet to Barkley, wears Auburn jersey (0:42)

After losing a bet to Charles Barkley, Alabama QB Jalen Hurts puts on an Auburn jersey on campus, but pokes fun at Auburn by carrying the College Football Playoff trophy in his backpack. (0:42)

Alabama posted video of quarterback Jalen Hurts wearing an Auburn jersey on Thursday.

Not to worry, the quarterback is not transferring or being pushed aside by championship game hero Tua Tagovailoa.

Hurts was paying off a bet with Charles Barkley, passionate Auburn alumnus and TV analyst. And though he lost the bet, Hurts still got the last word, proudly displaying the national championship trophy in his backpack while he wore the Tigers jersey.

On Nov. 14, before the Iron Bowl game between the bitter in-state rivals, Barkley said he had a bet with Hurts over the game.

"Jalen Hurts challenged me to a bet, and I ain't forgot it, Jalen," Barkley said. "I'm either going to wear an Alabama jersey on TV, or he's going to have to wear [an Auburn jersey] on campus. ... I've got the jersey coming.

"My Tigers need to win because I don't want to wear that crap on TNT."

Barkley's Tigers came through, handing the Tide its only loss of the season on the way to the national championship.

On Thursday, Hurts paid off the bet.

"What's up, Charles," Hurts said in a video posted by the school. "Obviously, I'm a man of my word. And first off, I'd just like to congratulate Auburn and the Auburn family on their successful season this year. But I think it's time I get to class. I'm running kind of late for English."

Hurts added a "Roll Tide."

Barkley is actually a big fan of the quarterback.

"The guy came in as a true freshman, and he lost one game in two years, and people want him to do more?" Barkley said before the Iron Bowl. "C'mon, man. The dude's lost one game in two years, and people are saying he needs to do more. See, that's why you don't need social media because if anybody's saying that on social media, they're just a moron."