Jim Harbaugh confident Michigan properly handling threatening tweets

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said Thursday he was confident that the university was properly handling the response to a threatening thread of Twitter posts that mentioned the coach earlier this week.

Harbaugh's Twitter handle was tagged as part of a series of tweets from one account Monday that also included mention of the state's open carry firearm laws and "calling the morgue."

The messages, which have since been deleted, came from an account with the same name as a former Wolverine player who parted ways with the program last November. Police are investigating the issues but could not confirm the identity of the source of the threats or any other details about the matter.

After speaking at a high school coaching clinic in Detroit on Thursday night, Harbaugh spoke to a reporter from the Detroit News and declined to say whether he felt personally threatened by the incident.

"It's a serious matter," Harbaugh told The Detroit News. "I'm confident our administration and university officials will take the proper steps and are taking the proper steps."

University of Michigan police were notified about the tweets Monday night. Police from that department and the Ann Arbor Police Department spent time in and around the football team's training facility the following day. A spokeswoman for the university's police department said Wednesday that there was no imminent concern for public safety on campus, but that the police were continuing to investigate.

Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel told reporters earlier this week that the university had reached out to the former player in question to offer help if it was needed.

"Always concerned with anything that pops up about a threat, and also concerned about him and where he is as a student," Manuel said Wednesday when questioned about the incident after a news conference for a separate event. "We care about all the student-athletes we have whether they're on the team currently or not, and so [we're] concerned on both ends."