Lou Holtz settles defamation suit against The Daily Beast

Hall of Fame football coach Lou Holtz and The Daily Beast have settled a defamation suit filed last December by Holtz.

At issue was an article on the site that claimed Holtz called immigrants "deadbeats" at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The settlement was announced by Holtz's attorneys on Monday.

The federal lawsuit claimed an article published by the news website on July 19, 2016, defamed Holtz, causing him to lose paid speaking opportunities and suffer personal humiliation. He sought damages of more than $75,000. The suit claimed The Daily Beast took Holtz's comments out of context and that he never used the term "deadbeats."

The article originally carried the headline "Lou Holtz at RNC Said Immigrants are Deadbeats Invading the US." After complaints, the headline was updated to read "Holtz Goes on Immigrant-Bashing RNC Rant."