Report: Tests annoy Justin Blackmon

Football teams have concussion tests in place to help get players back on the field, but Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon thinks the tests just get in the way.

"The concussion tests are annoying," Blackmon told the Daily Oklahoman. "They're not fun at all. They're pretty tough tests -- they were tough when we took them the first time. They're just some tough tests, a lot of questions, a lot of memorization stuff."

Blackmon, who left in the first half of the Cowboys' game against Missouri after a hit to the head last Saturday, was forced to remain on the sidelines during the second half. The Cowboys ran Blackmon through their normal protocol of concussion tests during the week. But Blackmon expressed displeasure at having to miss the second half against the Tigers.

"I really didn't feel that bad to where I thought I was even concussed," Blackmon told the Daily Oklahoman. "It was just a little ring. I was just ready to go.

"It was hard not being able to go out and play. But it was good to go see the teammates really step up and make plays and get the win. I just really wanted to be out there contributing and just out there to help the team. It was just hard sitting there on the sideline watching when you know you're supposed to be out there doing something."

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy told the Daily Oklahoman he expects Blackmon to play Saturday against Baylor.