Torii Hunter's sons being recruited

One of the most popular athletes in Southern California has two sons being recruited to play Pac-12 football, but not by USC or UCLA.

Los Angeles Angels right fielder Torii Hunter said his two sons, juniors at Prosper High in a suburb north of Dallas, are looking seriously at Oregon and Stanford. Hunter spent last weekend on a recruiting visit to Stanford with Torii Jr. They saw Stanford's 28-14 win over Notre Dame and toured the campus.

"It so happens I have somebody so smart in my family, he has a chance to go to Stanford and that's where he wants to go," Hunter said in an interview Wednesday with Mason and Ireland on 710 ESPN. "He's not just an athlete. He wants to look out for his future beyond baseball and football."

Another of Hunter's four sons, Darius, would like to attend Oregon.

"Yeah, man, he wants to go to Oregon,' " Hunter said. "I'll tell him, 'You want to go for what?' He always says the jerseys. I'm like, 'This is for the rest of your life, your team, your education, whatever. You can't go for the jersey.' But the jerseys are cool. You know that, right?"

Hunter said USC has not recruited either of his sons.

"No letters, no nothing," Hunter said. "Not yet."

Torii Hunter Jr. has 40 catches for 701 yards and 12 touchdowns. Darius Hunter has 36 catches for 606 yards and eight touchdowns. Another of Hunter's sons, Monshadrik, who goes by 'Money,' is a safety on the Prosper High team.

Mark Saxon covers USC and the Angels for ESPNLosAngeles.com