Report: Penn State loses DT recruit

Penn State freshman defensive lineman Jamil Pollard will finish summer school at Penn State next Tuesday and then transfer to Rutgers, his high school coach said Wednesday.

His coach, Clyde Folsom of West Deptford (N.J.) High School, said Pollard received six or seven other offers but only would have left for the Scarlet Knights. He said Pollard decided Monday to leave the Nittany Lions.

"I just felt like part of him wanted to be at Rutgers from the very beginning," Folsom said. "And I just felt like this may have been an opportunity to make the move, and he did.

"I don't know if it was any of the sanctions against Penn State or if it was just an opportunity, or a combination of everything."

Pollard did not immediately return a message seeking comment. The News of Cumberland (N.J.) first reported the story Tuesday morning.

The incoming freshman's announcement makes him the fifth player to transfer. Tailback Silas Redd, walk-on Tim Buckley, linebacker Khairi Fortt and tight end Kevin Haplea have all left the team since the NCAA levied sanctions against Penn State two weeks ago.

Several Penn State players, including linebacker Michael Mauti and defensive lineman Jordan Hill, said last week they are staying.

Pollard verbally committed to the Nittany Lions as a junior, but Penn State pulled the scholarship because of Pollard's grades.

As a senior, the West Deptford (N.J.) High School graduate improved in the classroom, and the Nittany Lions offered him a scholarship again.

"We spoke last week when the penalties became public at Penn State," Folsom told the newspaper. "He wasn't sure what he wanted to do; he wasn't in the right state of mind at the time to really make a decision. But over a 48-hour period there were six or seven Division I schools that were interested in bringing him in on scholarship.

"But the only school he would have left for is Rutgers; he made that point very clear. From the very beginning of it, he said, 'The only school I'll leave for is Rutgers.' They were able to offer him (a scholarship) and he accepted.

"He's going to go to Rutgers," Folsom said. "He's leaving Penn State and going to Rutgers."