Everett Golson expected to start

Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson's return from a concussion officially should come early this week.

Coach Brian Kelly said during a teleconference Sunday that his starting quarterback will go through more exercises Monday to determine his readiness going into the week, with the expectation that he will start for the Fighting Irish when they play Saturday night at Oklahoma.

"We'll do a full-physical exertion tomorrow and really kind of get after it from a cardio standpoint and make sure that he's passed all of those markers, if you will," Kelly said. "So I think tomorrow would be really the last test for us.

"I just met with the doctors about it again, and as I said earlier, he was cleared because he had passed all those tests," Kelly later added. "They want to just make sure that we run him hard tomorrow and elevate his blood pressure and make sure that that's the last piece. The rest then is just let's go play. I would again just reiterate that tomorrow would be the last real test and then we just move on."

Golson suffered the concussion late in the fourth quarter of Notre Dame's overtime win against Stanford on Oct. 13. The redshirt freshman passed all of his concussion tests by last Tuesday and returned to practice Wednesday, but Kelly opted to go with junior Tommy Rees to start Saturday's game against BYU.

Golson was dressed for the game, but Kelly said afterward that out of health concerns, he was not going to play under any circumstance. Kelly reiterated that Golson is Notre Dame's starter moving forward.

"He took reps but the reps that he took were really more of a 7-on-7 and some team reps," Kelly said Sunday, describing Golson's practice role last week. "We really haven't run him physically like he would in a game situation after a big run, and then come back and maybe run an option play, so I just want to make sure that we covered everything.

"So in talking to our doctors, we're going to put him through a good physical exertion tomorrow and we expect that to go well. If it goes well I think now it's just full steam ahead to Oklahoma."