Urban Meyer: 'Tough' time for OSU

CHICAGO -- Ohio State coach Urban Meyer called the past several days surrounding his Buckeyes "tough," saying he treats every player as if he were his own son and that he hopes his discipline is as strict as or stricter than anyone's in the country.

Eight of the 11 questions presented to Meyer during Wednesday's podium session at Big Ten media days surrounded his team's off-field run-ins or his time at Florida, as the second-year OSU coach was facing the media for the first time since four Buckeyes players were disciplined Monday.

Meyer said "furious" would be the word to describe his reaction when he learned of some of last weekend's incidents, terming such situations "nonsense."

"Disruption is the biggest thing that bothers me," Meyer said. "I think the head coach needs to set a standard -- direct, guide, mentor, push and direct these guys. Ultimately, though, every person is ultimately held accountable for their decisions they make. So we've just got to continue to evaluate all the things we do."

Meyer said he does not reflect on his own reputation, instead worrying about his team and players. And he said he does at times sit back and wonder if he has given out too many second chances.

On Monday, Ohio State suspended senior running back Carlos Hyde, banned starting cornerback Bradley Roby from attending Big Ten media days, suspended freshman tight end Marcus Baugh and sent freshman Tim Gardner home.

Hyde is a person of interest in the investigation of an assault of a woman at a downtown bar in Columbus, Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch reported. He has not been arrested or charged with a crime but was identified in a police report filed Saturday in Columbus.

Meyer said Wednesday that he will make a decision regarding Hyde once he evaluates all the facts of the situation. The coach on Monday had banned Hyde from all football activities as the school awaits the outcome of both a criminal investigation and a code of conduct investigation.

According to a police report, Roby refused to leave a bar after a disturbance and was detained by bouncers before being taken into custody by police. Roby is facing preliminary charges in Monroe County, Ind., of battery resulting in bodily injury.

Baugh was suspended from all team activities, was stripped of offseason aid and will miss the first game of the season Aug. 31 for his arrest on charges of underage possession of alcohol and possessing fake identification.

Gardner was sent home and won't be part of the program this season following the offensive lineman's arrest Saturday on charges of obstruction of official business.

Meyer was asked Wednesday about Ohio State turning in Florida for alleged secondary recruiting violations, saying that he found out the Buckeyes had reported the Gators after the fact and that he did not know how it became a major story.