Steve Spurrier: 'We hashed it out'

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier doesn't like worrying about his defense, but it couldn't be helped after what he saw at Georgia.

Spurrier said his team had a "bad coaching day" in a 41-30 loss to the Bulldogs and now is hoping to turn that around when No. 13 South Carolina (1-1, 0-1 SEC) takes on Vanderbilt (1-1, 0-1) on Saturday.

The coach didn't like his team's defense on third down or how the players were aligned. He also said some players on special teams didn't give the kind of effort the Gamecocks are used to the past two seasons.

And then there was the matter of linebacker coach Kirk Botkin getting into the face of defensive ends coach Deke Adams during a shouting match on the sidelines.

"We hashed it out. They know we're not going to have any more of that," Spurrier said Tuesday.

Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney said Georgia's plan was to play away from him, something he also saw from Week 1 opponent North Carolina.

Clowney got his first sack at Georgia, but spent most of the game trying to chase down quarterback Aaron Murray, who threw for 309 yards and four touchdowns. It's been a frustrating start for Clowney, although his season stat line of six tackles and a sack is the same as his sophomore season when he finished with 13 sacks and a school record 24 tackles for loss.

"It's hard out there trying to chase from the backside, and they just took me right out of the game," Clowney said. "They want to move me around, that's up to them."

Spurrier's got an idea about that, too.

"We need to line up on the other side (from Clowney) and put about five guys over there and anticipate they're going to run over there," the coach said. "That's what we should do, but we didn't get lined up well the other day."

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin doesn't see many problems with Clowney or the Gamecocks defense, no matter what Spurrier says.

Franklin said he'll use tight ends and running backs to help slow down Clowney. He even joked that he appealed to the SEC to go with Canadian Football League rules and allow the Commodores a 12th player, "an extra offensive tackle to just kind of stand over his head the whole game."

Gamecocks tailback Mike Davis, who rushed for 149 yards and a touchdown against the Bulldogs, said players on both sides of the ball want to come out strongly against Vanderbilt.

"We're all looking at it as a statement game. Everyone's angry and we're looking to take it out on somebody," Davis said. "No one's chill. No one's laid back. No one's laughing about it."

Spurrier found deficiencies in other areas as well last week.

"We didn't look very good. We're going to try to get our guys lined up in the right place and let them go play," Spurrier said. "See if we can play a lot better."