Recruiting director suspended 5 days

ATHENS, Ga. – Georgia handed director of on-campus football recruiting Daryl Jones a five-day suspension over a number of minor recruiting violations that it reported to the SEC.

The Athens Banner-Herald reported Monday that UGA athletic director Greg McGarity sent a letter to SEC commissioner Mike Slive on Sept. 30 detailing how the school committed violations with a number of mailings to high school juniors.

McGarity wrote that recruiting staffers mailed letters to multiple prospects at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 30, two days before the Sept. 1 date when NCAA rules dictate that juniors may first receive mailings. At least 12 recruits received the mailings the next day.

"It was their assumption that if the mail was dropped off at the post office late enough on Friday afternoon that it could not be delivered to the intended recipient prior to Sept. 1," McGarity wrote in the letter, which the Banner-Herald obtained through an open-records request. "However, some of the prospective student-athletes did receive these mailing(s) on the very next day."

McGarity would not say whether Jones' suspension was without pay, only that he had not served the suspension prior to Saturday's game against Missouri.

Georgia reported additional violations related to recruiting correspondence that included "labels on the outside of envelopes that contained more than the institution's logo in addition to the postage, return address and addressee information."

The mailings featured stickers with Georgia's new secondary logo, the Nike swoosh and labels hyping an upcoming game between Georgia and South Carolina that said "Sept. 7th, 4:30 p.m. on ESPN."

Georgia requested that the SEC and NCAA classify the errors as Level III violations that would be considered isolated or limited in nature without providing a significant recruiting advantage. The school issued a letter of admonishment to the involved recruiting staffers, will require them to attend an NCAA regional rules seminar next summer and said it will not provide recruiting materials to the 12 prospects who received the mailings for a period of 60 days.

McGarity asked the SEC to reduce its recommended penalties for the label violation from no in-person contact with the prospects from 30 days to 10 and for no phone calls from 60 days to 30. He also asked that Georgia's number of off-campus contacts not be affected.

The NCAA and SEC has not yet responded to those requests.