Urban Meyer: 'It's all about today'

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Ohio State Buckeyes may be a long way from Oklahoma's major-college record of 47 consecutive victories, but the pressure is mounting as it has reached 18 games.

"I can feel sometimes pressure mounting on players when you (are on a) streak," coach Urban Meyer said. "You start hearing about streaks. And it's my job as a coach and our coaching staff (to make sure) it's all about today."

The fourth-ranked Buckeyes (6-0, 2-0 Big Ten) can tie the school's second-longest streak when they host Iowa (4-2, 1-1) on Saturday.

The Buckeyes had won 19 straight, including a national championship, in 2002, and were ranked No. 3 when they fell at Wisconsin, 17-10. The most sustained streak at the school is 22 games, encompassing the 1968 national championship, before the Buckeyes fell to archrival Michigan in 1969.

As much as players talk about focusing on the present, the streak is always on the periphery, a consideration that only a few grudgingly acknowledge.

"It brings a little bit of pressure," defensive tackle Joel Hale said. "It's great to be part of something outstanding. What are we 18-0 now? Going for 19-0? But our main goal right now isn't to win the next four games. It's to beat Iowa."

Told that the Buckeyes could match the second-longest streaks ever at the school, wideout Corey Brown said that would be a notable achievement but nothing that would get in Ohio State's way.

"It's a good honor, but that's not our ultimate goal so we don't spend much time on that," Brown said. "We're more worried about winning this next game and then winning some more games after that."