Larry Fedora gives student a ride to graduation

Scarlett Murphy started her graduation day from University of North Carolina's medical school walking uphill in her gown and heels.

She ended it with a story she'll likely be telling for the rest of her life -- and it has nothing to do with receiving her diploma.

According to the Raleigh News & Observer, UNC football coach Larry Fedora spotted Murphy while passing a popular off-campus sandwich shop on his drive to work and asked her if she needed a ride to her graduation, which was to take place at Memorial Hall, about 1½ miles from the eatery.

"There was no way she was going to make it to all the way to campus in those high heels," Fedora said. "I've got three daughters and a wife."

Murphy said her father instantly recognized Fedora and cracked some dad jokes to him on the way to commencement.

Fedora offered to pick up the rest of Murphy's family and drove them to her apartment and back to Memorial Hall when Murphy realized she'd left her tickets to commencement at home.

Murphy's family offered tips to Fedora, but the coach -- who might have found a future calling as an Uber driver -- told them to give him a favorable rating instead.

In an Instagram post. Murphy dubbed Fedora "graduation hero of the day."

"I can't imagine a more Tar Heel kind of a story than being picked up by Larry Fedora on graduation day," Murphy told the News & Observer.

-- Alex Tekip