Nebraska, Pelini walk on mild side

The Bottom 10 inspirational thought of the week:

"Some people, they like to go out dancing
And other peoples, they have to work, just watch me now!
And there's even some evil mothers
Well they're gonna tell you that everything is just dirt
Y'know that, women, never really faint
And that villains always blink their eyes, woo!
And that, y'know, children are the only ones who blush!
And that, life is just to die!
And, everyone who ever had a heart
They wouldn't turn around and break it
And anyone who ever played a part
Oh wouldn't turn around and hate it!

Sweet Jane! Whoa-oh-oh! Sweet Jane! Sweet Jane!"

-- Velvet Underground, "Sweet Jane"

While the Bottom 10 mourns the death of Lou Reed, founder of the influential 1960s band Velvet Underground, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini is probably hoping the rest of his secrets remain underground.

After the Cornhuskers lost to UCLA 41-21 on Sept. 14, someone leaked audio of Pelini trashing Nebraska fans in a profanity-laced tirade in 2011. Someone who witnessed Pelini's outburst before a postgame radio show secretly recorded it, and then waited two years to release it to Deadspin after the Bruins scored 38 consecutive points to stun the Cornhuskers.

What will Nebraska fans leak after the Cornhuskers lost at Minnesota 34-23 on Saturday, their first defeat against the Gophers since 1960? Will it be audio of Pelini singing Justin Bieber in the shower? Nebraska's performance on Saturday earns them the not-so-coveted No. 5 spot in this week's Bottom 10.

The Bottom 10 would like to congratulate New Mexico State, which finally took a walk on the wild side on Saturday, ending its 18-game losing streak with a 34-29 victory over FCS foe Abilene Christian. The Aggies nearly blew a 34-22 lead in the final minute, after the Wildcats scored a touchdown with 19 seconds left and then recovered an onside kick. Abilene Christian threw a hook-and-lateral pass and reached New Mexico State's 6-yard line on the game's final play.

Western Michigan also earned its first victory of the season, 31-30 at Massachusetts in the Pillow Fight of the Week.

With apologies to Steve Harvey and Lou Reed, here's this week's Bottom 10:

Waiting list: Memphis (1-5), Temple (1-7), Kansas (2-5), Penn State's defense, Purdue (1-6), Idaho (1-7), Northwestern's bowl hopes, Kent State (2-7), Akron (2-7), Miami's whistles, Air Force (1-7), video "games" in the SEC, California (1-7), Kentucky (1-6), Missouri's collapse, Iowa State (1-6), UAB (2-5), Virginia Tech's offense, Florida Atlantic (2-6), Tulsa (2-5), New Mexico (2-5).