Georgia Tech LB Roof transfers to Indiana

Indiana Hoosiers - 66d

Big Ten Week 14 power rankings: Ohio State takes over the top spot

Northwestern Wildcats - 103d

Big Ten Week 13 power rankings: Badgers' blowout solidifies top spot

Northwestern Wildcats - 111d

Big Ten Week 13 picks: Will rivals ruin playoff bids for Wisconsin, Ohio State?

Northwestern Wildcats - 114d

Big Ten Week 12 power rankings: Title game is set

Northwestern Wildcats - 118d

Big Ten Week 12 picks: Badgers begin drive for playoff

Northwestern Wildcats - 121d

Big Ten Week 11 power rankings: Wisconsin still No. 1

Northwestern Wildcats - 125d

Big Ten Week 11 picks: Can Wisconsin carry league flag in playoff race?

Northwestern Wildcats - 128d

Homicide charge vs. ex-Indiana RB dismissed

Indiana Hoosiers - 129d

Big Ten Week 10 power rankings: Steady Wisconsin lands alone at top

Northwestern Wildcats - 132d

Vote: Weigh in on Week 9 in the Big Ten

Indiana Hoosiers - 138d

Big Ten Week 9 power rankings: Ohio State takes over top spot

Northwestern Wildcats - 139d

Big Ten Week 9 picks: Can Penn State beat the Buckeyes twice in a row?

Northwestern Wildcats - 142d

Vote: Weigh in on Week 8 in the Big Ten

Indiana Hoosiers - 144d

Big Ten Week 8 power rankings: Penn State sets up battle for top spot

Northwestern Wildcats - 146d

Big Ten Week 8 picks: Can Michigan contain Saquon Barkley, Penn State?

Northwestern Wildcats - 149d

Vote: Weigh in on Week 7 in the Big Ten

Indiana Hoosiers - 152d

Big Ten Week 7 power rankings: Buckeyes' offense carries them up a spot

Northwestern Wildcats - 153d

It was ugly, and Michigan got just enough offense to beat Indiana

Indiana Hoosiers - 154d
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