Fresno State reaches historic postseason heights

June, 23, 2008

Fresno State's magical run continues in the CWS finals against Georgia on Monday night (ESPN2, 7 p.m. ET).

The Bulldogs have already accomplished something unprecedented in NCAA athletics, and they have a chance to become one of the greatest Cinderella stories in the history of sports.

Year Of The Bulldogs

Here's a basketball comparison to regional No. 4 seed Fresno State's run to the CWS finals:

Field of 64 Baseball seed Hoops seed
Teams 1-16 1 1-4
Teams 17-32 2 5-8
Teams 33-48 3 9-12
Teams 49-64 4 13-16

Fresno State entered the WAC tournament with a 33-27 record and wasn't even on the bubble for an at-large spot in the NCAA tournament. If not for winning the conference tourney, its season would have been over a month ago.

The Bulldogs were a No. 4 regional seed in the NCAA tourney (there are only four teams in each region), which is the equivalent of being seeded in the 13-16 range for the NCAA basketball tournament.

Since then, Fresno State has won eight tourney games against five different teams ranked in the top 20. The Bulldogs' path through this NCAA tournament, in basketball terms, would equate to a 13-seed beating a 4-seed in the first round, a 5-seed in the second round, a 1-seed in the Sweet 16, a 2-seed in the Elite 8, and another 1-seed in the Final Four.

And now the Bulldogs meet another 2-seed in the championship.

Fresno State is already the first team that was not seeded among the top 48 in an NCAA championship (in any sport) to be one of the last four teams standing. No team in Fresno State's seed range in the basketball tournament has ever advanced past the Sweet 16.

We've run out of comparisons.


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