Both teams hold their ground in the sixth

June, 16, 2009
After scoring in each of the first four innings, North Carolina was held scoreless for the second inning in a row in the sixth.

Southern Miss' Cody Schlagel created space for that to change with a silly mistake.

Going after the third out, Schlagel caught Mike Cavasinni's ground ball and began chasing him to first base. It looked as if the pitcher could have tossed the ball to first baseman Joey Archer to get the out, but he instead ran for Cavasinni. Schlagel didn't make the tag early enough, and the first-base ump called the Tar Heel safe.

The Golden Eagles got out of the inning before the Tar Heels could capitalize.

UNC returned the favor by leaving Southern Miss scoreless in the sixth, retiring the Eagles' first three batters.

Quick fact: Ryan Graepel, who singled in the top of the sixth, has yet to be retired in the game.



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