Tennessee Kohl's camp

KNOXVILLE -- Kohl's Kicking Camps were on the road once again last weekend checking out some of the best talent the state of Tennessee had to offer. The overwhelming thought leaving camp was that there is a lot of talent in this region of the country and there will be many players competing for college scholarships from this camp.

Andrew Dunn of Madison, Ala., was the most impressive prospect. He is starting to show signs of potentially having one of the strongest kickoffs in the country. He has elite leg speed and coordination and won the "Big Ball Competiton" with a cannon shot that went 85 yards and had 3.9 seconds of hang time. He also hit multiple 80-yarders during drill work, although he was aided by a strong tailwind. He is showing much better form on field goals, but needs to continue to improve on them if he wants to be one of the top kickers in the country.

George Bullock of Knoxville, Tenn., had a strong showing in field goals and kickoffs. He has refined his field goals off the ground and has become very consistent with his ball striking. He also hit some of the best kickoffs at the camp, many that traveled over 70 yards and had hang times of four seconds or greater.

Ben Ogle of Greenville, Tenn., showed very well on field goals and has great poise in his approach. He showed impressive tempo and leg speed on his kickoffs and was very consistent with his approach. He will be someone to watch this upcoming season.

Ryan Frain of Indianapolis, Ind., showed he has plenty of leg strength and coordination to be called one of the top combination prospects in the country. The 2012 prospects's field goal height off the ground has improved and so has his consistency on field goals. His raw power is evident in punting and his form continues to impress. He had the best punt of the camp with a blast that went 56 yards and had over 4.5 seconds of hang time. He also charted well on kickoffs with many of them sailing out of the end zone.

Ryan Ault of Brentwood, Tenn., showed great potential on his kickoffs and punts. He had some of the best combined charts at the camp and someone to watch as well.

Andrew Murray of Tazewell, Va., won the field goal competition with a 56-yarder that would have been good from 60-plus yards. He needs to continue to improve his form, but he has a powerful leg.