Closer look at Dallas E-11 QBs

Here's a closer look at some of the quarterbacks who stood out at the recent Dallas Elite 11. While grades, stars and rankings are still to be determined, after watching hours of film, our scouts were able to break down these players. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Our scouts' work is not done. Every day they are adding more evaluations into the recruiting database, so keep checking back for more.

QB-PP David Cornwell
Norman, Okla./Norman North
College: Undecided

This is a player who has grown by leaps and bounds from his sophomore year to junior year. Cornwell not only has exactly what you want physically in terms of stature and tools, but he is a much better athlete than you might think. Big, strong and poised with the natural arm talent to strike any region of the field with ease. Has a Joe Flacco feel to him. Possesses a quick and powerful stroke.
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QB-DT Justice Hansen
Edmond, Okla./Santa Fe
College: Undecided

Hansen has a real riverboat gambler feel to him. He has an excellent combination of height, bulk, strength and mobility, and he is going to fill out more. He is a quick, sure decision maker who can extend plays with movement when the pattern doesn't express itself in rhythm. He displays exceptional poise and toughness under pressure in contact situations, makes a lot of plays when things break down and is extremely resourceful.
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QB-DT Brandon Harris
Bossier City, La./Parkway
College: Undecided

Harris is a guy who grows on you the more you watch him. He's an athletic passer who is considered a dual-threat but is a thrower first. He's long, tall and lanky with further coordination to come as his frame develops. A shotgun player in a spread set that really suits his talents, he is a gifted player with his legs and can improvise and create positive plays when things break down. Initial quickness and ability to take off out of the pocket are excellent. He can cut, shows burst changing directions and could develop into a dangerous read-option operator.
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QB-DT Jerrod Heard
Denton, Texas/John H. Guyer
College: Texas

Heard has a very good combination of height, lanky frame and mobility, but he needs to add bulk. He plays with good speed and has good quickness and body control. He is likely a more accomplished runner than passer at this stage. He is capable of making good, quick decisions on the zone read in the run game; he is well versed here. He will use the front door to reduce losses, will throw the ball away and can improvise. He makes a high percentage of good decisions, especially when the play breaks down. He has good vision to see the field, shows poise under pressure and plays with confidence. He's physically tough as a ball carrier, can take a hit and will fight for extra yards.
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QB-PP Rafe Peavey
Bolivar, Mo./Bolivar
College: Arkansas

This guy has some moxie to his game. While Peavey might not have an elite set of physical attributes, we really like his competitiveness and penchant for making plays. He has adequate height for the position with nice bulk at this stage. He shows good mobility and makes good decisions within his abilities to make the plays. He is in control and shows poise and toughness under pressure.
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