Prospects come from all areas

Sometimes there are areas that just surprisingly put out a number of top prospects. This year, those surprise areas include Baltimore, Mobile, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla. Here's a deeper look at some of the top prospects coming from those areas. Our scouts' work is not done and every day they are adding more evaluations to the recruiting database, so keep checking back for more.


QB-DT William Crest
College: West Virginia

ESPN 150 rank: NR | Position rank: 12 | Stars: 4 | Grade: 81
Crest is one of those players who is easy to like, but tough to read because while he is very athletic and talented, he is also a playground player who doesn't always show consistent discipline in his methods. He has good height and average bulk, but the frame to really fill out. He possesses fluid, easy movements. He has good playing strength with good body control and agility. He plays in a run-oriented offense where he is not relied on as a consistent running weapon, even though he has good athletic ability and is more than capable of being a threat with his feet at all times.
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ATH Troy Vincent Jr.
College: Undecided

ESPN 150 rank: NR | Position rank: 42 | Stars: 4 | Grade: 80
Possesses good size for a running back, slot or corner prospect and his well-built frame looks to have room for continued physical development, making safety a good possibility as well. However, we do not see cover corner speed or skill set at the next level, and if he remains at corner it will likely be in schemes with over the top help. But Vincent is a well-rounded athlete who might end up getting recruited on either side of ball.

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OLB Melvin Keihn
College: Undecided

ESPN 150 rank: NR | Position rank: 32 | Stars: 3 | Grade: 78
Keihn is long, rangy, tapered athlete with a very high ceiling as a college front-seven prospect. He could get recruited as 4-3 weakside end or OLB depending on his continued physical and skill-set development. He is a bit of a tweener at this time lacking the true size and strength for a DE and the flexibility and experience of an off-alignment OLB. What he is though is tall, athletic and high-motored, which is attractive to recruiters.
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Mobile, Ala.

ILB Tre' Williams
Mobile, Ala./Saint Paul's Episcopal
College: Auburn

ESPN 150 rank: 74 | Position rank: 5 | Stars: 4 | Grade: 84
Williams shows flashes of being a legit inside linebacker prospect and has a lot of physical ability to warrant attention on the recruiting trail. He has a tall, lengthy frame that is already filled out with good lean bulk and has room to pack on more. Flashes better pursuit burst from tackle to tackle than long speed. Still has the ability to turn and run and make plays sideline to sideline. His length and sound pursuit angles allow him to cover more ground than his speed on paper would indicate.
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C Josh Casher
Mobile, Ala./Saint Paul's Episcopal School
College: Auburn

ESPN 150 rank: NR | Position rank: 1 | Stars: 4 | Grade: 81
Casher lines up at the tackle and guard positions, showing dominant playing strength as a run-blocker both on and off the line of scrimmage. Casher is a tough customer who plays with the upper-body playing strength and explosion that quite often result with pancake finishes. A permanent move inside is almost certain with a potential fit at guard, though with some development, center could end up being his best long-term fit.
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OLB Zavier Carmichael
Mobile, Ala./Saint Paul's Episcopal
College: Duke

ESPN 150 rank: NR | Position rank: 25 | Stars: 4 | Grade: 81
Carmichael plays with the instincts and intensity that consistently get him to the football and he makes momentum-changing plays. Carmichael is an outstanding athlete. His ability to play in coverage and support the run suggests potential as a strong safety with the ability to play close to the line of scrimmage. Early playing time is a distinct possibility.

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Pensacola, Fla.

OLB Delvin Purifoy
Pensacola, Fla./Pensacola Catholic
College: Florida State

ESPN 150 rank: 106 | Position rank: 6 | Stars: 4 | Grade: 83
Purifoy is an explosive, fast-pursuing linebacker prospect with a high ceiling when projecting for the college level. He could get recruited to play inside or outside depending on his continued physical development and improved coverage skills. Tall, long and rangy, he has a great frame to fill out. He has wiry strength but lacks a lot of power from his hips and lower body at this time. Runs very well with sideline-to-sideline range and short-area burst to make key inside-out stops between the tackles.
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WR Lawrence Lee
Pensacola, Fla./West Florida Tech
College: Tennessee

ESPN 150 rank: NR | Position rank: 29 | Stars: 4 | Grade: 83
Lee gets more impressive the more you watch him. He isn't a physically imposing player, but he is trouble in space. Lacks physical presence and will not provide much in terms of contested matchups one-on-one, but on the perimeter and after the catch Lee is tough to handle. Has the tools to develop as a route runner and return specialist in time.
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