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NCAA reports athletes continue to earn degrees at record rates

Men's College Basketball, College Football, Women's College Basketball

INDIANAPOLIS -- College athletes continue to earn degrees at record rates, posting an all-time high of 87 percent, according to the NCAA's latest scorecard.

The overall rate is up one percentage point from last year. The NCAA's most recent Graduation Success Rate report, released Wednesday, is based on graduating classes from 2014-17.

Men's basketball hit an all-time high of 82 percent, up two percentage points from 2016. The Football Bowl Subdivision came in at 78 percent while women's basketball matched its record-high at 92 percent.

All three increases were at least partly attributed to increases among black players in each sport. The numbers jumped to 78 percent in men's basketball, 73 percent in football and 90 percent in women's basketball.

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