Report: Aggies move to SEC still on

While the remaining nine schools in the Big 12 may be working to stick together, Texas A&M has not changed its mind about leaving.

Texas A&M president R. Bowden Loftin said the Aggies will be in the SEC "shortly," according to a report on CBSSports.com. Loftin said the Big 12, which held a conference call with its presidents on Thursday, is committed to going forward "without us."

"I think the legal issues are basically gone," Loftin told CBSSports.com at halftime of the Oklahoma State-A&M game.

Four Big 12 schools had retained the right to sue the SEC if A&M leaves.

"The action on Tuesday night by the Pac-12 has led to the Big 12, minus us, being in place," Loftin told CBSSports.com. "I joined the teleconference on Thursday evening of the Big 12 directors. They were firmly committed to going forward without us with nine teams."

Loftin told the website he would listen to interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas if he wants to talk to the Aggies about staying in the conference.

"He's an icon in our world, you know that," Loftin told CBSSports.com. "I'd be willing to talk to Chuck anytime he wants to be talk to me. But we've made a very firm decision about our future here and we're going to stick with it. What more can I say?"