ENMU tries to avoid NCAA's wrath

CLOVIS, N.M. -- Eastern New Mexico University said Wednesday it is offering to erase several seasons' worth of victories by nearly all of its sports programs because of violations involving athletes.

Athletic director Jeff Geiser said that most of the violations are minor and stemmed from misinformed advising.

"This is what we've offered the NCAA. Nothing's been finalized," Geiser said.

The violations, which date back to the summer of 2012, include athletes failing to declare their amateur status. Another infraction the school came forward with was that numerous students had failed to fulfill the NCAA's 75/25 rule, Geiser said. They were not earning the required hours for their degree plan.

Geiser said it was an unfortunate "systemic failure" but said no violations were intentionally committed. He called for a better checks-and-balance system to make sure an athlete gets accurate advice.

"Ultimately, the responsibility is on the athletics (department)," Geiser said. "The buck stops with me."

According to the Clovis News Journal (http://bit.ly/1beVPnA), the Division II school said it's volunteering to have eight teams' wins vacated over four seasons as well as all wins by four of those teams in a fifth season. The teams include football, baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's soccer, volleyball and softball. The men's cross-country team could also possibly lose championships earned in the last two years.

The Lone Star Conference school says it's doing that in hopes of avoiding even more severe punishment from the NCAA for more than 100 self-reported violations.

Initial reports estimate there were about 113 violations among 386 students.

Geiser said the school will send a supplemental report to the NCAA by Dec. 2. After that, there could be a possible agreement made on the proposed penalties.