Antonio Morrison gets fine, service

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison has agreed to deferred prosecution on battery charges after he punched a nightclub bouncer because he would not be given a discounted rate for admission.

According to the agreement, Morrison must pay $100 in prosecution costs and either pay an additional $150 or perform 12 hours of community service. He must also complete a University of Florida drug and alcohol abuse course, attend an anger management course and participate in two eight-hour ride-alongs with the University of Florida Police Department.

If Morrison meets those conditions within six months, the battery charge will be dismissed.

State Attorney Bill Cervone said the punishment is standard for a first offender, especially when requested by the victim as a resolution.

The 19-year-old Morrison -- a 6-foot-1, 230-pound sophomore who is expected to be the Gators' starting middle linebacker this season -- was arrested early in the morning on June 16 at his on-campus dorm after he admitted to getting into what he described as a "scuffle" with Omar Al Ajlani after Al Ajlani would not grant him reduced admission into the Kava Lounge on West University Avenue.

According to a Gainesville Police Department report, two officers on patrol witnessed an altercation at 2:15 a.m. at the entrance to the nightclub. Upon arriving, the officers spoke with the 25-year-old Al Ajlani, who said he had been attacked and punched in the head.

According to the GPD report, a group of men skipped to the front of the line and one man asked Al Ajlani about admission prices. When told he would have to pay full price, the report stated the man became irate and began screaming at Al Ajlani.

"Don't you know who I am?" the report states the man yelled. "I am a UF football player! I am Antonio!"

According to the report, Al Ajlani looked back at the man and the man began punching Al Ajlani in the head. Al Ajlani told police he pushed a security barricade at the attacker in self-defense, and the attacker and his friends fled across the street, got into a white vehicle and left the scene.

The report also states that Al Ajlani said the incident was being recorded on a cellphone belonging to one of the attacker's friends. Al Ajlani had visible swelling in his head, the report states, but refused emergency medical service.

Police interviewed two witnesses, both of whom said they saw a man striking Al Ajlani and then fleeing across the street with several other men and leaving in a white car. The witnesses also said they saw a man recording the incident on a cellphone. Al Ajlani and one of the witnesses went to the University of Florida's athletic website, viewed pictures and identified Morrison as the attacker.